Miracle Patch Therapy is a health care method that improves the natural healing power by improving the flow of blood and nerves by attaching energy-treated patches instead of acupuncture and moxibustion, which are the basics of Chinese medicine over 5,000 years.

The acupuncture points are the most important in acupuncture, and the points of Miracle Energy Patch Therapy is a long-standing famous doctor’s prescription for the principles of space energy and human anatomy.

But acupuncture is painful and bleeding, and most people don’t like it and can not do it for a long time. But Miracle Patch Therapy uses miraculous energy patch instead of acupuncture needle to give stimulations to the points of a sick area to relieve symptoms.

Especially, it is a hot issue of modern medicine, which is equipped with space energy. It stimulates the points of the patch applied area and lasts for about 12 hours, so it is more effective than acupuncture or moxibustion.
Thus, the Miracle Energy patch stimulates the human body for a long time to restore the deteriorated function, increase the blood flow, activate the metabolic function, and return the body to normal.

A company in Taiwan has created a web-book by organizing these remedies over a long period of time and currently has over 200 treatments registered and updated on a monthly basis.